The Weaving Kind is a community founded in 2015 as a way to bring the new generation of weavers together - to help us understand our connection to the craft, to ourselves, and to the outside world, through the medium of fiber.

As a community, we exist for these three goals:

  • CONNECTION: We help foster deeper connections, both online and in real life, between weavers, because great strength exists in solidarity. We learn from each other, encourage each other, and share our resources. To those ends, The Weaving Kind does not promote one fiber artist, weaving style, or school of thought over any other; it is our belief that the more we grow our horizons, the richer our world becomes. 
  • INTENTION: We believe in the unique potential that exists within each of us, and in the joy that comes with unearthing that potential. We all have something completely original to say through our work that no one else can. We encourage every weaver to dig deep in order to find and express their inner voice through their weaving practice. 
  • GROWTH: We seek to encourage weavers to work towards greater technical ability, because with increased skill comes increased freedom of expression. As we grow, we hope to provide a treasure chest of resources and learning opportunities for anyone who is ready to grow in their craft. 

The journey ahead of us is uncharted but filled with excitement, and we can’t wait to see what we’re capable of building together. So get that loom warped and join us! 

Photo courtesy of  GoodFolk Photography

Photo courtesy of GoodFolk Photography

SARAH NEUBERT is the founder and facilitator of The Weaving Kind. The friendship, encouragement and support she received as a new weaver from other Instagrammers inspired her to create an online home for weavers all over the world. Her personal weaving work is an exploration of both her inner and outer worlds, and she is particularly interested in weaving as a healing practice. She lives in Colorado with her artist husband, two toddlers, and at least seven looms.