Every month or two, we feature a challenge contributed by a different weaver. Our challenges are basically homework assignments designed to introduce a unique approach to a woven project, and get you thinking about the craft in a new and different way. It's great motivation to try something you might not have otherwise. Complete and submit the current challenge (instructions below) for a chance to be featured on our Instagram feed! Read on for more! 



Photo by Cora Schleicher

Photo by Cora Schleicher

HELLO! MY NAME IS SHELLY SAZDANOFF and I am a fiber artist based out of beautiful Portland, Oregon. I am really excited and honored to present you with October's weaving challenge, a theme that is very much a main player in my own creative process. I draw a lot of inspiration from artists outside the weaving realm to try and open up my mind and push my work in further and unexpected directions so I have included a few inspirational pieces that are intentionally not weavings to hopefully help you to do the same. One of the things I love most about fiber art is that we all essentially use the same tools and techniques but the outcome is so very different. I really look forward to seeing the diversity of everyone's finished product and without further is your challenge!


The idea of contrast can be concretely manifested in many different ways within your piece. It can be simply through monochrome tones (i.e. Black vs white) or through strictly color. It can also be through the use of density and negative space, as well as in depth, texture (hard/soft) or even in shape. Thinking outside strictly tactile or visual box, contrast can show itself in more abstract ways such as the piece's theme or meaning, for example the contrast or friction between two ideas, etc. 

The possibilities are endless and I really challenge you to give some good thought to the reasoning behind why you are doing what you're doing. That doesn't necessarily mean the piece has to have a long backstory or in-depth meaning, as there is nothing wrong with an aesthetically pleasing piece - the world could always use more art and beauty. The idea here is that the work is intentional and unique to you. A good friend and fiber artist I admire once told me, "No one can say what I can with my work if I really dig deep." I remind myself of this every time I sit down at my loom and I encourage you, as you begin this new challenge, to do the same! 


  • Make a piece of woven art along the theme of "CONTRAST." 
  • Send a photo of your completed piece to by December 1, 2016. Your photo should fit into Instagram’s square format without borders. Avoid using extreme filters. Submissions are selected for our Instagram feed in part based on image quality, so make sure your photo is in focus and well lit. Please include the image as an attachment to your email rather than sharing via Google Drive, Flickr, etc. 
  • Include your Instagram handle. 
  • Write a few sentences about the challenge. What was your inspiration for your piece? What did you find valuable about this challenge? What was difficult? How will what you learned inform your practice going forward? 
  • By submitting, you are granting The Weaving Kind to showcase your photo (with credit to you, of course) on Instagram, our website, and other relevant materials. 
  • If you post about this month's challenge on your own feed, use the hashtag #twkautumn2016 to make it easy for everyone to find your photo. 

Happy Weaving!

Shelly's work can be found on her website,, and on Instagram at